Bad boys

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bad boys, whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

that was the theme song on our street last night. We heard some breaking glass and went outside to see if someone was trying to break into Ariane's car or something. Turns out there was a couple people who seemed awfully high and violent outside the "crazy" house (there's been a few "incidents" there so far this summer). Then one dude who wasn't wearing a shirt went up to the door of the old man across the street and started yelling and banging on his door and shit. Sounded like he broke his glass door too.

So at that point we called 911. Then the dude started to go around the back and it sounded like he broke the side window on Jack's place (jack is the old man). Don't know if it actually got broken. And then the dude with no shirt ran back into the crazy house and came out holding what looked like a big ass knife or piece of glass and then threw it at the other crazy dude standing on the lawn. About 30 seconds later the police showed up (at least 7 cars). But the dude with no shirt had already run down the alley. I'm pretty sure all of our neighbours came out after that and had been watching the action before they came. A couple dudes from down the street said that the shirtless dude had broken their window too.

It was pretty intense, they ended up arrested the one dude but I don't think they ever found the shirtless dude. They brought a dog, but I think because of the rain the dog couldn't pick up the scent.

It's all fun and games until someone with no shirt starts running around your nieghbourhood breaking windows and shit.



We just got back from lunch and damn am I full. I was thinking of what kind of music I like to listen to best when I'm full and I think I like ultra slow music. Seems like heavier music makes my stomach feel kind of agitated. I think maybe oldies would work too. Does anyone else have a preference?

We went to the DUC for Vivian's going away lunch. The new coop was invited too. I actually don't remember eating from the menu there before, it's usually just a buffet when I've gone before. I was quite impressed with the menu, and decided on the buffalo burger. It was like all burnt and shit. wtf? And they refused to change Ivan's meal at all, I think he wanted like veggies instead of rice... wtf? Are waiter was a complete asshole basically. Anything that we wanted just a little different he had to make a huge pain in the ass for us. Like we were paying seperately so we wanted seperate bills. He was like "well you can only do that if you're paying cash because it's really busy in there". (We were the only table in the restaurant at that time). Like such an asshole. And Ivan and Chingtai both ordered their meals because it said that it was a big plate. Well, the plate was big, but the meal sure as hell wasn't. So when the waiter asked Ivan how his meal was, Ivan was like, "well there could've been a bit more meat". The waiters response: "oh" and then he walked away, never to return to our side of the table.

But then I realized why he was such an ass when we got the bill... tip is included in the price.

Ahh, brought me back to the days of shitty service in France where the tip is also included at most (all?) of the restaurants.


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So a super shitty day at work yesterday got me thinking a bit about my job and future jobs. Just to recap what happened...

It started off as a rainy monday, and I had a bad feeling about the day from the start. First I thought I lost my access card, but found it again after looking for about 5 minutes. Mind you, one good thing did happen. The new co-op started some two day training. I was actually really worried about him from the description Dana and Vivian gave me he seemed like your typical stuck up computer snob with no interpersonal skills. But he actually seems like he'll be really cool to work with. Considering I'll be working with him he most closely, that's a good thing. Funny that I wasn't included in an interview process to hire someone who I'm be working closest with.

Anyway, HR fucked up my paycheque, again. But this time they paid me double. Not as bad as missing my paycheque, but still a pain in the ass to sort it out. And then to top off the day I was told that we're not allowed to take vacations during the two weeks before the semester start and the first week of the semester. But whatever, it got worked out and I will still be able to go houseboating.

So I was thinking today... it's probably better to work with people who are nice but do dumbass things every once in a while (or more than that) than to work with assholes who do dumbass things. Or even just assholes who don't to dumbass things. And even if I can't be happy with a lot of the things coworkers do, at least I enjoy the actual work I'm doing if I just focus on that.

So even though it's nice and easy working for SFU I've started looking for jobs again (plus it's likely that my contract won't get extended passed March due to the laziness of most of the people involved who need to do things to get it extended). I guess IBM is going to be creating 500 new jobs in western Canada. It's funny, when I started Uni I thought IBM would be a sweet place to work for, but unrealistic to think I could get a job. And now it seems like I'd be easily qualified for some kind of a linux job there. Kind of weird to think that I used to think I wouldn't have been able to.

So if anyone hears of any jobs requiring some sort of linux admin or developer, let me know.

Me n eds


So Leslie is in town this week and I managed to catch up with her for pizza (at a place called me n eds, which was actually quite good). good times. It was pretty fun, and we even got to throw in some jabs at bliss... but he wasn't there, so it wasn't quite as fun.

on another note, Canada's really starting to kick ass with 7 (that's right 7!) medals to date. Which actually isn't that bad considering it puts us in 16th place...

The olympics

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I guess the olympics started last week. It's kind of funny, because I normally don't like watching sports too much but now when the olympics are on I'm all about it. For some reason I find the olympics more exciting. There was just a wicked swimming relay, I think it was the 4x200m freestyle relay. A very close call between the aussies and the americans, it was intense, but the americans pulled through and won, ah well.

There's been a lot of news about gene doping lately so I decided to look it up last night to see what the fuss was all about. I guess how it works is patients are given a synthetic gene, which helps to prevent the creation of myostatin (myostatin limits muscle growth) so that muscles can just continue to grow without the body intervening. This is good for elderly and people with muscular distrophy. It's undetectable by any known means and most scientists believe it will never be detectable because it is the body producing natural chemicals.

So, what does this all mean? It means that we might just be watching the world's last olympics without genetically enhanced athletes.