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All "Web designers" who decide that it's a really good idea to make music automatically start playing on websites when someone goes to them, deserve death, a slow and painful death. If I wanted music playing, I'd play it, thank you very much.

So I'm working in my boss's (sumo's) office today since I don't have my own office yet (some intense renovations are currently going on and I'll have one when they're done in my end of the building) and sumo is on vacation for 4 weeks. sumo likes to play music, so she's brought in her own speaker system w/ subwoofer. She usually plays her music roughly loud enough that she so that the office next to her can barely hear it. I think you can see where this is going...

So today, I'm minding my own business, ripping some audioslave tracks, but my ripper couldn't connect to freeDB for some reason so I had to manually name all the tracks. So I'm looking for some websites that list all the track names and this one Sony one looks promising, I click it but it's taking a long time to load so I go onto other things.

Well apparently it was taking so long to load because it had to load a bunch of fucking songs! About two minutes later this music starts blasting out of the speakers WAY louder than sumo had them set, so loud in fact that it was hurting my ears! The base is pounding away along with the attached speakers AND the speakers on the sun workstation I'm using. And at this point I've got no clue where the music is coming from, I'm just freaking out! Remember, I have already been working on other things for a couple minutes since I tried to load the site.

So I manage to turn off the speaker system but the sun machine is still blasting away. I don't know if you've ever tried to control the volume on a sun machine, but I sure haven't. After a few seconds I realized it was the fucking website and shut it down. But man did it freak me out. Not only that, but I now seriously dislike the audioslave track I am a highway. And of course everyone else in this end of the building probably thinks I'm an asshole or something. Ah well, I'll just blame it on the construction workers.


Watchout Gentoo Devs... here I come


So the other day I was asked if I wanted to become an official Gentoo Developer. I've been working on GLEP 15(which is gonna be totally sweet, btw) with another developer.

I'm totally stoked about becoming an official dev for the project. Check out my bugzilla bug here. All I've gotta do now is read through a bunch of gentoo dev docs and write the gentoo dev quiz.

New Laptop... Finally!


So after a week of _very_ painful waiting (for Ariane and Scott too (due to my constant whining)) my new laptop finally arrived yesterday (I'm even typing this blog on it). Conveniently the Gentoo 2004.1 CD also arrived the same day. Naturally my first task was to remove the windows partition to give gentoo a little more room. Would you believe that the base dell windows install is nearly 5GB! I coudn't, in fact I had even originally been planning on keeping the windows install.

Anyway, some of the more important specs are:
* Dell 600m
* SXGA ATI Radeon (1400x1050 max. res.)
* 1.4GHz Intel Centrino
* 512MB DDR
* 30GB 7200 RPM HDD

The only thing that sucks, is when I was looking at the specs I realized that I got the wrong battery, I got the 4 cell one, which they claim can last up to 3hours, but the 6 cell one would've been much better and lasted up to 5 hours. Ah well.

The laptop is WAY faster then I thought it would be. Bootstrapping Gentoo on my old laptop took more than two full days. On this baby it was under two hours. I'm loving the centrino. All I gots to do now is get the wireless and sound setup properly.

I still am not quite sure what to name it. My last laptop was named laplimbo, and Scott's I believe is lapdance. So maybe I can get some suggestions from whoever's reading this... I've just named it 'santorini' for now (after the greek island).

Why Science != Science


Ok, so I was thinking about this the other day and it seems that if a field needs to add the word "science" to its name, you can be pretty damn sure it aint a science.

Let's look at some examples:
Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy

Computer Science, Social Sciences, Political Science, Earth Science.

I don't think many would disagree that the four in the first row are sciences. But the second row? Well let me tell you, there's absolutely nothing scientific about writing a piece of code. And Earth Science!? They can't even come up with their own freaking theories! Every single one of "their" theories comes from Physics, Chemistry, and Geology.

All Earth "Scientists" do is memorize various physical phenomenon (i.e. glaciers) and the colours and texture of rocks. IMO, memorizing is not a science, unless of course you're doing a study on it in Psychology.

It's about time the official names of these "sciences" were changed from things like:
Earth Science
Earth "Science"

First Post

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Alright, so after some harsh words from Parveen on the muther board I decided I ought to quit putting it off and just start a damn blog.

So here it is. My blog. Out in the open for anyone to see. Hmm... I'm feeling kind of naked right now for some reason (and no Parveen, I probably won't be posting nude pictures of myself like you requested).

So I challenge everyone who's reading this to start their own damn blog (if you haven't already) instead of just leaching the benefits of the blogs of others (unless of course you're morally against the whole idea of blogging). After all, we all need something to read when we're trying to kill time at work.