Aerolineas Argentina - Only like the worst airline EVER!


Imagine this scenario... you've decided you want to fly somewhere, so you try find some good flight deals, choose one and then book the flight. Pretty straight forward, right? Well not with Aerolineas Argentina.

I recently booked a flight to Iguazu Falls for myself, sam, and my parents. The process went something like this...

Photos from Buenos Aires

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I've finally uploaded all the last of my photos from Buenos Aires. I spent two and a half months in the city from November 2nd through January 17th and was still working for NowPublic at the time. I was able to make a couple weekend trips out of town to various places including El Tigre, Iguazu falls, Uruguay, and Machu Picchu. Most of my time in BsAs when I wasn't working was spent walking around and exploring the city.

These photos are from those wandering times around the city as opposed to any trip in particular (all of which I've previously uploaded the photos for).

In Rio (now with fine ass)

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Just thought I'd post a quick update on my trip. Been a pretty eventful couple of weeks, both work and travel-wise, so I've had no time to sift through my photos from Machu Picchu or blog at all.

Sam and I are now in Rio de Janeiro. We arrived Saturday night after 16h of travel (we bussed from Sao Paulo to Rio which was about 6h). It was a little sad checking out of the apartment we'd been living in for the last 2.5 months in Buenos Aires. We'll be here until the end of January before returning to our respective homes on the opposite side of the planet.

The hostel we booked had no air conditioning, and since we got here Rio has been about 35 degrees and up with some insane humidity. We needed to find something with A/C today so we moved from the hostel into a hotel for a few days before booking into an apartment this weekend.

Ironing - not for the faint of heart


A little while back smath pulled out the iron in our apartment... my immediate reaction was probably somewhat similar to what would happen if I saw a 10 year old walking around with a shotgun.

As it turned out, this iron had already fallen into the hands of someone who shouldn't have been using it.

Iguazu Falls

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A couple weeks ago I visited Iguazu Falls with Sam and my parents. Iguazu falls (aka Cataratas del Iguazu) are in the most north east corner of Argentina where the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil all meet. My parents paid for the trip as a birthday present to me.

The majority of the falls are within Argentina's border, with a small part of them in Brazil. The Brazilian side supposedly has some amazing views of the falls but unfortunately due to our not acting fast enough on the Brazilian visa front we couldn't visit that side. But no matter, the Argentinian side of the falls easily filled up our two days completely.