A new blog RSS feed


Since I'm writing a lot more technical posts now than I have historically, I've decided to make another RSS feed for people who don't want the tech posts clogging up their RSS readers. You can subscribe to it here: General posts

If you want to read only the technical posts, but not the other stuff then subscribe to this one: Technical posts

And if you don't mind getting both, then you don't need to change anything.

New Year - New Theme

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Hey! I have a new theme!

The theme was designed and implemented by Sam in her spare time. She spent a lot of time getting even the littlest details worked out and I'm super grateful for all her work on it. So thank you Sam, you really are awesome!

My blog runs on Drupal 6, though up until this past summer it was running on WordPress. I use this site to experiment with ideas and mostly just play around with it, so occasionally you may get a php error or something, please let me know if you hit one.

A screenshot of the blog, for those stuck in RSS

Over the next little while I'll be posting about individual hacks and modules I've added to the site. Currently, one of the cooler features is that I get an IM on my google talk account every time someone comments. This is using the XMPP framework with some patches I've submitted, more on that in another post.

If you're looking for a Drupal developer to do some work for anything from theming to a full Drupal website build, please feel free to contact Sam. I strongly recommend her.