New Phone Number


Due to the unfortunate incident with my last VoIP company I've had to switch providers. Because the number I had been assigned on that network was a Richmond number very few VoIP providers were able to transfer it to their service, for this reason I've needed to just drop my 604 number and get a whole new phone number.

Random observations in Tokyo


Always when first arriving in a new city you'll notice odd things that everyone else just perceives as normal... and you do too after a couple weeks. I wish I'd written more down in Buenos Aires, I recall there being a bunch of things but can now only remember a few. I've listed a few my random observations from Tokyo after one week below:

Chopsticks that cost more than a years supply of sushi?


We stumbled upon a chopstick store today in Ginza, Tokyo. A super neat tiny store with every kind of chopstick you could imagine, chopsticks for kids, chopsticks with coloured pencils on the back, training chopsticks, great chopstick stands, etc... they also had /these/ chopsticks...

Tokyo and Harajuku Girls

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We arrived in Tokyo Saturday afternoon after a nine hour flight. We'd been slightly mislead about filling out our customs entry forms and Sam needed to fill out a second form when we we arrived at the customs gate, at which point they decided to search our luggage. Anyone who's seen the way either me or Sam pack would know this is not a pleasant task. Every square inch of our bags are generally stuffed with something with the layout being fully optimized to the contents of the bag ;-). Also, Sam often needs to sit on her bag to get it to close completely. The officials were quite courteous and didn't want to make it too difficult to repack, so after painfully searching through two of our four bags (trying to leave most things undisturbed), and only opening the third bag (likely giving them a bit of a fright with how tightly it was packed, they decided to just pass on the rest and let us through.

Heading for Tokyo

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If you want to know how to totally pass the airline lineups for economy class, bump up your flight, AND get a great seat... you need to talk to Sam. She saved us about an hour of waiting in line and got us on the same flight.

It feels like we just barely got a chance to settle into Vancouver and already we're heading out to another continent. It was great seeing everyone when I was back and I'm super sorry to anyone I didn't get a chance to see. Both Sam and I had an awesome time while we were here.