Back in Vancouver

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Prepping the carrots for the CSA Title: Prepping the carrots for the CSA
Author: Scott Hadfield
Taken: 20 Sep 2009 - 10:35am

I arrived back in Vancouver from the farm Monday evening and just got my last few photos up now.

I had another great time out there and glad I was able to make it. Something about being out on the farm and eating mostly food that was picked that day that just really relaxes you. The greenhouse they put up in the spring when I was there had done quite well for them and saved them from losing their entire tomato crop (it was a really tough year weather wise for everyone on the east coast this year).

Aerolineas Argentina - Only like the worst airline EVER!


Imagine this scenario... you've decided you want to fly somewhere, so you try find some good flight deals, choose one and then book the flight. Pretty straight forward, right? Well not with Aerolineas Argentina.

I recently booked a flight to Iguazu Falls for myself, sam, and my parents. The process went something like this...

Photos from Buenos Aires

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Puenta de la Mujer, Buenos Aires Title: Puenta de la Mujer, Buenos Aires
Author: Scott Hadfield
Taken: 5 Jan 2009 - 12:23am

I've finally uploaded all the last of my photos from Buenos Aires. I spent two and a half months in the city from November 2nd through January 17th and was still working for NowPublic at the time. I was able to make a couple weekend trips out of town to various places including El Tigre, Iguazu falls, Uruguay, and Machu Picchu. Most of my time in BsAs when I wasn't working was spent walking around and exploring the city.

These photos are from those wandering times around the city as opposed to any trip in particular (all of which I've previously uploaded the photos for).

Quick DrupalCon DC Wrapup AND a mystery!

_MG_4205 Title: _MG_4205
Author: jason chinn
Taken: 4 Mar 2009 - 1:47pm
"drupalcon dc" drupal drupalcondc2009 "drupalcon dc" drupal drupalcondc2009

Last week was DrupalCon DC. This was my 4th DrupalCon in a row... Barcelona, Boston, Szeged, and now Washington, DC. The NowPublic development team is distributed throughout North America and Europe, so the bi-annual DrupalCon is the only time we all (or most of us at least) are able to get together. Though the whole team couldn't make it this time around it was still good to see the guys that were able to.

We ended up staying in 4 bedroom house with 8 "beds" and 11 people. All in all a great time, and I managed to avoid the conference flu that tends to spread through conferences at this time of year (which is the first time I've done so in 3 years :) ).

Drupalcon DC 2009 Group Photo! Title: Drupalcon DC 2009 Group Photo!
Author: chrys
Taken: 7 Mar 2009 - 1:19am
1,400 Drupal Fanatics pack the staircase in the Washington Convention Center. Drupalcon DC 2009 - March 4-7 UPDATE: Justin posted a vid...

The conference was very well organized, my only complaint would have been the internet... you should make sure it's working /before/ bragging to everyone about it.

I actually went to more sessions this time around than normal, but still have very little to write about. Did a bit of sight seeing while I was there, but the US DrupalCon's seem to just be a bit less of a party and more of a conference than their European counterparts... go figure.

Now for the mystery! Can you guess what this is?

A common sight at DrupalCon, DC.. but do you know what it is? Title: A common sight at DrupalCon, DC.. but do you know what it is?
Author: Scott Hadfield
Taken: 3 Mar 2009 - 5:01pm
In a survey of 3 people, 33% of them were able to identify this mystery substance instantly and with 100% confidence... can YOU do the same?

Rio's Food

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Among other things, Rio is a great place for eating. If I needed a reason to go back it would be the food. Almost without exception, all the meals/snacks/drinks I had there were delicious. On every other corner there was a juice bar serving juices of pretty much any fruit you could imagine... the juice was made to order from fresh fruits. My two personal favorites were watermelon and açai (prounounced ass-eye-EEE).

Acai is a small berry, similar to a blueberry but denser, that grows on acai palm trees. I believe they keep the berries frozen and then blend them when you order. It's not so much of a juice as it is a delicious purple-y fruit slushy. The berries have recently become popular in North America for their anti-oxidant and supposed weight loss properties. Sam and I had never heard of the stuff before we got to Rio, but we had one each just about every day. So delicious.