First week in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I've been in Buenos Aires for just under a week now and so far things have been amazing. The apartment is really nice and in a fairly central location. Biggest complaint so far is the noise, but I guess that's to be expected when you're at the corner of a major intersection.

View from our Apt

Very few people here speak any English, it's actually a bit surprising. It seems to be spoken by significantly fewer people than any other country I've been to.

Figuring out the phone systems has been quite interesting. This will be a whole blog post to explain it ;-). Anyway, I finally got everything figured out today and my phone is now working for sending/receiving SMS's and 3G. I still haven't figured out how to forward my VOIP number here, but until the number you should call/sms is: +5491133469192

Today Sam and I mostly just walked across part of town and back... about 7h worth of it. Will hopefully be posting photos shortly I guess I'll find out if our internet is capped at about the same time.

P.S. Google translator... thank you!

I'm outta here


After a few months of planning and nearly missing my ride to the airport, I sit here in the awaiting my flight. In just under 24h from now I'll be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved out of my apartment this past Sunday and I'll be in Argentina for the next 3 months. The whole trip seems a little surreal, to be honest, even after checking out of my apt and sitting here in the international departures area of YVR, it /still/ doesn't seem like anything is really changing. The past week has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride in terms of being both excited for the trip and sad to be leaving Vancouver... of course, leaving Vancouver on Nov 1 to head into summer in Argentina isn't something I'll be complaining about ;-)

empty apartment

As a quick side note... starbucks hot chocolate still totally sucks.

For anyone that wants to get ahold of me while I'm out of the country, you can call - 604-248-4875. I won't be answering my regular cell number, this is an VOIP number that I'll be forwarding to wherever my cell is. Don't send text messages there :).

While I'm in Argentina I'll still be working full time for NowPublic. I've really been enjoying the work I'm doing there and I'm pretty gratefull that they've let me continue my position while I'll be remote. Since the majority of people that I'm managing work remotely from Europe anyway, and my boss is in New York, I'm confident that things will continue to work smoothly.

I'll be living with Sam while I'm down there and hopefully learn some Spanish too.

A quick tip before I head out... drinking all of what remains of your "good" booze the night before a 4:30am trip to the airport is not recommended. Both me and Scott slept through an alarm for 20 minutes and a phone call :).

I'll try to keep my blog updated while I'm down there, but realistically you'll probably have better luck following my flickr feed.

I'll see y'all in February.

DrupalCon Hungary

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As per usual, prior to leaving in August I had all these great hopes that I'd actually update my blog while I was traveling. However, and for some reason this always happens, it turns out there's other things I'd rather do in a foreign country than update my blog and post photos to flickr.

Overall the trip was great, I enjoyed this DrupalCon a lot more than Boston's, but I'd say I had a better time in Barcelona last year.

Anyway, I've posted a bunch of photos from the trip and of the NowPublic dev team here.

I also did a couple short photo walks around Szeged and Budapest, will be posting those shortly.

DrupalCon Lanyard

20 Hours in New York

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On my way to Hungary and currently at my first stop over on the way there in New York. I arrived just after 9PM and leave at 5:40PM the tomorrow. This is my first time here and I'm pretty excited about it. So far my only comment is that this city is /big/. I'm actually a bit overwhelmed right now :-).

NYC Boarding Pass

On the airplane I met a couple guys coming here to skateboard for the weekend, so we caught a cab downtown together and I walked around there for a bit while I tried to get a hold of the person I was staying with. After finding some pizza I caught a cab and headed to the apartment in harlem (the customs officer gave me a hard time about it :-) ).

The flight was really good. I flew Cathay Pacific and I'm definitely impressed. All the flight attendants were really nice, good amount of leg room, comfy seats, and a great in flight entertainment system. Just how great? Well check out this pic from when it was rebooting :-):

RH Linux on the in flight entertainment system

Tomorrow I mostly just plan on wandering around manhattan with my 60lbs of luggage, finding some donuts, bagels, pizza, hot dogs, maybe a burger... you know, just the healthy stuff. Maybe hit up some record stores and mostly just walk around and take photos.

manhattan from the plane
ultra-high resolution photo of manhattan from the plane

Back from South Africa

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They've got barely understandable accents, drive on the wrong side of the road, their toilettes flush in the opposite direction and safe sex means doing it with a can of mace and a taser under your pillow. Kinky... I know, but that's how they roll in South Africa. I returned May 7th and just finished uploading the rest of my photos to Flickr. I didn't really feel like blogging as I went, instead I just tried to upload Flickr photos... which proved difficult at points with crappy internet connections and power shedding.

Everyone seems to want to know what my favorite part of it was. Unfortunately I don't really have an answer to that question. I just went to visit friends and relax, I didn't go there to go on a safari, diving, or any other things someone might want to do while in South Africa. I guess the best part was the people who I spent my time with there (oh, and thanks for letting me crash at your places too :-) ). That said, I still did some pretty cool things... like tasting crocodile (among other animals), driving through joburg's lion park, feeding giraffes, eating penguins, and visiting the wine lands outside of cape town.

The crime there didn't seem nearly as prevalent as everyone led on, but then again... wait, I meant watching penguins, not eating them! Who could eat a penguin!? Anyway, there are definitely some cool areas in Joburg, but the suburbiness of it kind of turned me off. After a week in Joburg (and one stomach flu later) I went to Cape Town with Sam and her friend Sara... I took this week completely off work. Cape Town is a beautiful city. We stayed for the first few days with Guy at his place (I believe in or near the Camps Bay area) on the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. We spent the rest of our time at Adrian's mostly just chilling and video gaming awesomeness :).

A few of the trips extra highlights... getting lost trying to pick up Adrian's brother Jo and turning a 30 minute drive into a 3h drive... driving through the wine lands and doing tastings (at one place we had like 5 or 6 good sized tasters for like $1.50 CAD!)... and of course arriving at the Cape Town airport, waiting in a 2h line-up and yelling at the ticket guy only to find out we'd shown up a day early. And oh yeah! The afternoon in downtown London, England was nice too :).

Flickr photos are here! But these are some of my favs below.