Non-realtime liveblogging of my flight - Vancouver to London

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* Arrive at AirCanada international bag checkin. Why do all these people appear to be losers? What have I done wrong in my life to be standing in a line full of losers?

* Ahh... a) I have checked luggage and b) I didn't do the web bag checkin. Oh well... I guess I'll be a loser this time around.

* Walking around international airport wing of YVR. It's actually a gorgeous airport.. happy to see my $20 of airport improvements fees is going towards something
* Airport is pretty dead

* SWEET! Found a set of hidden seats in the airport that have foot and head rests and power. How wicked.

* Find my seat. Window seat. Kind of a nice plane, much more leg room than the United flights to Boston last month. There seat plan is 2 4 2, so getting out should be easy.
* Older fellow sitting next to me... seems nice but doesn't wear deoderant.

* Fall asleep - wake up 200 miles west of Edmonton, apparently.
* Guy sitting next to me seems annoyed. I think maybe I had tried to cuddle up to him a little bit.

* Reading.

* The attendants bring around food. Youngish girl (between 8 or 12) sitting two rows up doesn't want "chicken or beef". Neither do I. The flight attendant says "It's a long flight... you /have/ to have something. We have chicken or beef." She persists. He persists. But she's young and he wins out.

* Attendant asks me "chicken or beef". In defience I say "neither thanks :)". He says... "it's a long flight" I say "I'll be ok, thanks". He gives up. Scott: 1, Flight attendant: 0.
* I have a philosophical thought to myself about "children" vs. "adults" and decide to start writing a "insightful" blog post about it and how I can't be friends with people who are unable to act like children...

* Blog post idea was retarded. Writing a "live blog" style post instead.

* The guy in office space who invents the "jump to conclusions mat" just walked by.

* Wide awake now... and it's 4:30am London time. Sweet. Time to do some work.

* I just realized that I can't remember what the 'M' stands for in LAMP. WTF!? What is the other key ingredient besides Linux, Apache and PHP???

* Ugh. MySQL. Idiot.

* Dude in front of me just reclined his seat. What ho!

* Meh. BSG Time!

* Decided to watch Lost instead... started crying part way through :)
* Sleep time.

* Bastards waking me up with breakfast. I'm sleeping!

* Plane landing.... girl puking across the isleway, yay!

Drupalcon Barcelona trip wrap-up

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...because your tiny amount of liquids won't explode if they're in little plastic bags...

I'm just on my way back to Vancouver from Barcelona, sitting in the Barcelona Airport.
It's been a pretty intense week, to say the least. Let me just say, Drupalcon Barcelona, effing awesome. Met lots of awesome people, who I'll hopefully be able to keep in contact with a bit still.

We (Boris, Steven, Djun, and I) arrived Sunday night after about 20h of travelling the trip there was pretty uneventful... ran into walkah in the bathroom of the Amsterdam airport, which was nice, because I was starting to get tired of Steven ;).

Monday we did a brief walking tour of Barcelona, stopped in at the Market and grabbed a quick bite to eat. We met up with a dude from the Zope project for dinner later that day and had some great techie conversations. Ended up cleaning out the beer selection at the place we were eating too.

On Tuesday, Boris and I decided we needed to cook a BIG "spanish" dinner. We hooked up with the Now Public crew at the Market and made a quick dash to get all the food we needed for the night, with only minutes to spare before everything closed for siesta. Boris is an awesome chef. Let's see if I can remember even half of what we cooked... muscles, prawns, baby octupus, squid, guacamole, lamb, fish, sausage (numerous varieties), and I'm sure a ton of stuff that I'm missing. We went through about a litre of olive oil, and basically ended up drinking and eating for 12 straight hours and the Now Public apartment, which was a pretty sweet place... almost had a bit of a greek feel to it, actually. Afterwards we hit up La Ramblas for some more beers, where I /may/ have stolen a 1.5L glass... attempting to hide it by stuffing it under my shirt... because I'm classy like that.

The conference ran from Wednesday through Saturday. I gave a pretty brief presentation of my loadtest module Wednesday afternoon and it went better than I thought it would. Ican't remember what happened Wednesday night, so it must have been pretty low key.

Thursday we hit an Irish pub. Yeah, nuff said.

Friday, Djun and I decided to pick up some food to cook and just chill and have a romantic Dinner with the two of us. Then we went out and took photos from 11:30-2am around the town.

Last night can't be discussed.

Went to bed at 5am, got up at 7am to head for my flight. I decided it would be a bright idea to catch the metro as we never really cracked the code for cabs in this city :). Unfortunately I went the wrong way down the line. Though I managed to realize early enough and hopped on a train back downtown, at which point I decided to grab a cab :). I'm now in Amsterdam, running on 2h of sleep for the past 30h and still have 12h left of travelling. Nnnst! I'll post some pics when I get back. I promise :).