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  • An overview of D7 install profiles   5 years 11 weeks ago

    This is a good introduction to installation profiles but I have one question (actually I've got a few, lol). How is the cascade defined? For example, I installed Commerce Kickstart and despite both Standard and Minimal installation profiles being there, it "knew" to load the Kickstart profile when I went to site.local - where is this defined?

  • An overview of site building in Wedful (Drupal install profiles, Aegir, and features)   5 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi Scott! I am working on a similar project in which users are allowed to create their own websites using Aegir and Drupal. I was wondering how to customize the email to be sent to the customer on signing up for a website. Since you have already done that, can you provide more information on where and how to actually alter/implement this?

  • A basic install profile   5 years 20 weeks ago

    I was starting to wonder if I was abusing Features and if I should be doing more in the profile files.

  • A basic install profile   5 years 28 weeks ago


    Liked this article very much!

    " However, if you're not a strong programmer but relatively comfortable working with features, in one of my next posts I'll try and demonstrate how to completely replace the standard.install using features, so you may find that much more enjoyable :)."

    Do you have any idea when this might happen?

    Do you have any experience with using features to export values like "Promote to front page", "Sticky" etc.?


  • Features Part 1 - A simple feature   5 years 30 weeks ago

    I m new in the drupal development.
    I regularly have issues with staging to production of content types with related views.
    Your post made that simple

    Thanks :)

  • Features Part 1 - A simple feature   5 years 30 weeks ago

    Thanks, this kind of article is not foundable in France (excuse my english please).
    Google helped me to find it !

  • Rio's Favelas   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Clearly visiting Rio for two weeks and being given a whistle stop tour of a Favela is not going to give you a true idea of how they really operate. Rocinhajj, i find your explanations very enlightening and informative. Next year I will come to Rocinha to volunteer for the 2Bros foundation. Can you recommend any particular area in Rocinha which is nice and affordable to live with good access to the rest of Rio. My email is, please get in touch, i would love to be shown round the community with you and your friends!!!

  • A review of my Netfone VoIP service   5 years 41 weeks ago

    For anyone searching for reviews - please heed the warnings here.

    I signed up for service recently in Vancouver. After realizing I made an error on the shipping address I attempted to contact netfone (I had done everything online up to this point). I was not able to get a hold of anyone via e-mail and after trying to call several times one rude woman picked up and told me to contact them via e-mail - she couldn't help me.

    I got a bad feeling and decided to not go ahead and order service. Again I had to keep contacting them repeatedly via different methods. At this point I had found some bad reviews and unfortunately, then looked at the BBB rating which is a well deserved F. The same rude woman picked up finally after several attempts I made at e-mailing/calling.

    She was a total psycho - told me that she "didn't like" my reasons for cancelling and that she wouldn't be refunding me. It had been less than 24 hours since I initially ordered service at this point. There was some back and forth and she was just incredibly rude and nasty. Guess they have to make their money by stealing when people back out! Anyway, I made it clear that I would not be paying and that my credit card company would be notified.

    She continued to refuse to refund me, and was yelling at me on the phone because I "didn't have a good enough reason" to cancel. I guess her acting like a psycho is not a good enough reason I don't ever want their service?! A few hours later my card was refunded. Looks like someone came to their senses. Doubt it was her though.


  • Chiang Mai - Baan Chang Elephant Park   5 years 48 weeks ago

    Nature is collection of unbelievable beauty. when you meet this beauty, you forget the all the human made creation.

  • Adding a simple twitter feed to your Drupal site   5 years 49 weeks ago

    Great stuff.....was looking for something like this to work. I am having fun working with it.

  • Chiang Mai - Baan Chang Elephant Park   5 years 49 weeks ago

    This must be a never to forget kind of experience for you all....Great pictures you have updated!

  • An overview of D7 install profiles   5 years 49 weeks ago


    New to drupal so please bear with me. Started off with a distribution profile / subtheme that is based on Zen. However I cannot see the contents of the subtheme on my webpage ( despite enabling and configuring the subtheme. Your help will be much appreciated.


  • Adding a simple twitter feed to your Drupal site   5 years 49 weeks ago

    I am genuinely thankful to the holder of this web site who
    has shared this wonderful article at here.

  • In defence of train travel   6 years 1 week ago

    I found your site by way of Drupal and impressed to see that there are more people who like the same things and adventures like me awesome:)

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 2 weeks ago

    I agree with you I hope they burn in hell as well

  • Custom steps and forms in a D7 install profile   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Very helpful.

    It's very difficult to find complete examples on this subject, and the most known Drupal distros don't implement this in that way.

    You saved my day, thanks :-)

  • Adding a simple twitter feed to your Drupal site   6 years 5 weeks ago

    I can't find a way to create a category. I'm using Drupal 7.12.
    Does it work on this version
    The link admin/content/aggregator/add/category doesn't show me a CATEGORY to create.

  • Last update from Thailand   6 years 6 weeks ago

    Well, Never been to Thailand , heard alot of thailand from ppl i know and webistes like this, simply awesome!!

  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   6 years 12 weeks ago

    yes, that was the trick with autocompletion. You need to put into /etc/bash_completion.d/
    I love little timesavers like that.

    So, two wedding then. Nice. Someday your kids will be impressed! Which really is a good justification for any adventure.


  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Hey Tai!

    Ya, that's very cool. I haven't had a chance to give drush 5 a try yet, but I know a bit about some of the changes. Did you add to your bash profile? Cause I think you need to do that to make the autocompletion work.

    Also, I won't be going to DrupalCon cause our wedding is the weekend right before it starts :).

  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Hi Scott!

    I saw a good presentation at BADcamp by some of the Drush creators/maintainers on Drush 5.

    Drush 5 is supposed to have bash style auto-completion. It wouldn't work for me but it looked cool in the demonstration. Also it is supposed to have some pretty nifty/powerful database pulling functionality. For small sites it anyhow.

    I am excited to learn how to integrate drush into my little modules.

    By the way, are you going to DrupalCon Denver next month? I will yeah!

  • Creating Custom Triggers in Drupal   6 years 13 weeks ago

    Very impressive post. You have written rally a valuable information.

  • Features Part 2 - Managing your feature   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I think that's quite a fair point. Basically for the vendors there's currently limited benefit for them to be kit compliant. What does it get them in the immediate future? Not a whole lot right now. But once re-usable features start become more mainstream they will need to support a common standard, and the only option for that atm is Kit afaik.

    So if all of a sudden there's two dozen features you could plug into your distro but they won't work due to your not being kit compliant, you'll finally have some incentive to change things.

  • Features Part 2 - Managing your feature   6 years 14 weeks ago

    One issue I feel on "kit compliance" is that no one is mantaining it. And it is a hard task if someone wants to step up to it. Development Seed proposed kit to make it easier for Drupal shops to develop features for OpenAtrium, undoubtedly the most popular Drupal distribution. It takes some authority to keep a Kit standard, and it is worth nothing if there are heavyweight noncompliant distros all over the place.

    All in all, it means Phase 2, Lullabot or any other DIstribution mantainer should step up. But I don't see it coming any soon.

  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Drush make is now part of Drush.