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  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago


    My apologies for the experience you had in your interviews at Acquia. It's clear that we need to make some changes to our hiring processes, and I will be working with our HR team to ensure this happens. Your experience is not typical, but based on your post and the replies herein, it happens too often.

    It is normal for us to have many interviews for senior positions. It's vital for both the candidate and the company that a match with a high chance of mutual success is found. For me, this is not at odds with my "Ready, Fire, Aim" statement, and is very consistent with the fact that I personally interviewed the first 200+ people who joined the company.

    However, we should have been clearer about setting your expectations on timing and delivering on what we promised, and certainly not have informed you in a note the way we did. Please accept my apologies.

    Tom Erickson
    CEO, Acquia

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    I'm Chris Brookins, VP Engineering at Acquia and I was involved in your interview process. I sincerely apologize for how the process didn't go smoothly, and especially for how it ended. Interviewing for senior positions takes time, but we didn't properly set expectations. We never intended to treat you disrespectfully, but that is what happened and we are very sorry. It is not how we strive to operate. We have a system that we use to help us manage the many great candidates that apply to Acquia, but we shouldn't have used it to send you an impersonal rejection notice after spending so much time, and late hours, with us. At Acquia are taking your feedback seriously, and we are learning from this experience. Going forward we are making sure that we properly set expectations, and and respectfully reach out to candidates who have invested significant time with us.

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    Similar issues they knew from the start I was only willing to work remote, and then after 3 interviews (I was lucky) they informed me that I had to move to the USA and specifically Boston which I was not willing to do. Still a month of my life wasted......

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    I lived in Boston for 15 years (a mile from Acquia) and I'm a native New Englander but I'd never live there again. What you experienced is partly the company's culture but probably also has a lot to do with the Boston attitude. Coldest and most unfriendly people you'll ever meet, downright rude even. Miserable weather, sky high cost of living, and bad traffic too, and if you're single and over 30 the dating scene is moribund and depressing. NYC is a far better place to live if you want a big east coast city. I'm happy in Orange county, CA - waaaaaarm and friendly!

    Avoid Boston like the plague - it's only good for college kids.

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    I just re-read the emails from back then - it was a full month from the initial intro email to "sorry but they want everyone working on-site" email. Ah well, I'm happier where I am now.

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    I had a series of on-site interviews with several people at Acquia a few years ago (including with some friends who were working there, when). I too started the process with the up-front disclaimer of only being interested in a teleworking position, but after several rounds of interviews they were only willing to offer me a job if I was willing to relocate. Honestly, it felt like they weren't comfortable enough with me to let me work remotely, they positioned the job offer so that *I* was the one who was saying "no" to them, saving them face over having to do it, i.e. they were being disingenuous about the offer. While my interview process was not as long as yours (two+ weeks vs five), it still left me feeling disillusioned.

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago


    I also had the same scenario and I'm finally happy to not work for them and I'm also glad for you that you don't too, there are much better company all around ;-)
    The biggest doesn't means it's the best company.
    They know that they are the biggest players but don't be fooled... there's a lot of turnover there, it's never good.

    I managed to find the email I got from them after 10 interviews, and more than 2 month of waiting, here it is, it looks like they updated it ;-)


    I'm sorry for any confusion. I wanted to follow up with you directly in regards to the role with Acquia. After much consideration your qualifications have been carefully reviewed by the team. However, at the present time we will not be proceeding forward with the interview process. The team enjoyed speaking with you and noted the appreciation for what you've accomplished as well as your drive and determination. We would love the opportunity to reconsider your application 6 months from now as we re-evaluate our hiring needs.

    We should keep in touch as things evolve and change - Acquia is certainly evolving rapidly. I very much enjoyed connecting with you and appreciate the time you took to connect with the team.

    Warm regards,

    Anyway, I hope you'll find a good job dude!


  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    If you end up in Vancouver hopefully we'll see you at the local Drupal User Group -

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh Renee, that seriously blows. The discomfort that they put you through was quite similar to ours then, in the sense that it involves immigration. Which is a bloody huge mission. Did you end up staying in Canada?

    Sorry that you had this happen too (but also comforting to know that this wasn't an isolated case, as Scott had suggested). What a disappointment. And our friends & acquaintances who work there are wonderful people - every single one of them. Everyone seems to be genuinely very nice. I don't get it.

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    Sounds like the story of our life. Although Tai hasn't had that many interviews, some have taken months to happen. We sit around thinking that he definitely didn't get it, only to get contacted 2 months later for a hire. I do believe they don't have time. Ironically, they need someone on their team badly, and just don't have time to hire them!

    Does this mean you're moving to Vancouver?

  • Drupal community member interviews with Acquia. You won't believe what happens next!   2 years 27 weeks ago

    A friend sent me this because I had something similar happen with my interviews at Acquia. This was over a year ago now, and I'm sad to see that little has changed.

    My story isn't quite as egregious as yours, but I was definitely dicked around, and it left me with a very sour impression of the company. (I've tried to find a politer way to characterize it, but it was that: they were inconsistent, didn't know what they wanted, and kept changing their tune.)

    I applied for a remote position; I'm in Canada, and I'm hesitant to move to the US because healthcare, and because my spouse would be unable to work. But, I also wanted to work with a leading company in the Drupal field, and this job seemed perfect. I also mentioned in the follow-up with the HR rep that I'd be happy with working from the Oxford office, because my spouse is a UK citizen.

    They had me write a big long essay in response to a bunch of questions, and then I had an initial phone screening with a director (he's no longer there). That went well, but I was told that they no longer wanted remote workers. Would I consider Portland? I told them that I wasn't totally keen, so the compensation would have to fit with that change (this was not what they wanted to hear). I countered with Oxford, but no. Portland it was. Ok.

    I did think about it -- I really wrestled with it, both me and my spouse did. Finally we decided, ok, let's take a risk. We could do Portland, for awhile, at least; he could go back to school or something, and maybe we could negotiate the Oxford office later.

    So I let them know that would be all right.

    No, no, they came back: "We'd actually want you to work out of the Boston office."

    Woah there. Boston? Well, that's not what we'd talked about.

    At the same time, we'd scheduled a tech interview. Things went really well. The HR person got back to me *pronto* and said she'd be discussing the results with the director within a few days. All positive signs.


    The next week, I followed up.


    The week after, I followed up.


    Then, three weeks later, I get a form email. Blah blah blah.

    By then I'd already written them off by that point, but, you know what? I expected so much better. And no, I didn't want to move to Boston. And maybe we weren't the right fit. Who knows? I never did get a response when I asked for clarification. Maybe I blew the tech interview. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But... I am good at what I do and I am good at Drupal, and I really don't think Acquia should be treating skilled people in the community this way.

  • Features Part 2 - Managing your feature   2 years 33 weeks ago

    Hey @JValentin... I'm not sure if blocks are exportable in features yet. You should try out the "boxes" module. I also have very limited experience with panels but it's possible they're not fully exportable?

  • A trip to Slovenia   2 years 34 weeks ago

    Beautiful! This place Slovenia is really beautiful. The pic I liked most is the one with the building in the middle of the lake. The mountains give it a perfect background. Thank you so much for sharing the post. It is really interesting.

  • Features Part 2 - Managing your feature   2 years 38 weeks ago

    I added Features extra and created a feature with the block I created, added it to a panel, exported the block feature and panels feature, but it won't appear in the target server. The Block does appear, but the panel won't get updated with it. What could I be doing wrong?

  • In Rio (now with fine ass)   2 years 47 weeks ago

    Rio I a very hot and humid city in all sense. But it will be an incredible experience to go to Rio. i really love the beaches of the Brazil. The cool breeze is awesome there . even the hot sun up above the sky shining your body. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of information.

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   2 years 48 weeks ago

    I can understand the use these cell phones can be to many people in business were one needs constant communication but actually the general pubic has them because they want them and most times not based on need. Like me , I bought a smart phone and I don't need a cellphone at all but I love tech gadgets the actual phone rarely is used.
    I bought it out right so I didn't get jammed up in an expensive contract.
    I guess we have to get used to rude behavior with some folks screaming in to their phones and making a
    meal in a restaurant not as relaxing as it used to be.
    Being a captive audience in a way in grocery store lines and so on and having to listen to someones babble that can't seem to wait until they leave the store.

    I suppose my complaint is how the phones are being used , rather than debating their existence.

  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   3 years 2 weeks ago

    Drush can generate one-time login links. Just copy and paste the special path and you can reset the password. Its a super useful feature of Drush!

    drush uli

    By default drush will give you the password-reset link for user #1. If that is not what you want you can use:

    --mail A user mail address to log in as.
    --name A user name to log in as.
    --uid A uid to log in as.

    drush uli --name='theusernametoreset'

    Happy drushing!!

  • my first massage (now with happy ending)   3 years 2 weeks ago

    Happy belated birthday. It is amazing how a birthday boy has a choice of many spas where the very friendly masseuses will give you a happy feeling before midnight.

  • Features Part 3 - Re-usable features   3 years 4 weeks ago

    Will it be possible for you to publish an e-book with all these details? It will really help the reference more easier. I could now get a proper grip on the features that are quite useful in the Drupal environment, all thanks to you. These will surely come handy while designing the new websites.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi, thanks for the guide to help build platforms in Drupal. I am new to this technology but really wanted to learn. I appreciate you for putting together this tutorial so that novices like me can have a grasp of the subject.

  • A trip to Slovenia   3 years 6 weeks ago

    I always like to read blogs of foreigners that visited Slovenia. And yes, Slovenia is small but anyway has a lot of interesting places worth to see. So welcome back some day :)

  • 9 Drush links to take you from beginner to advanced.   3 years 6 weeks ago

    Hey, I have been using Drush for some time now. But, I should tell you that I am a novice in both Drupal and Drush. I have a doubt to clear! Is it possible to change a user's Drupal password from using Drush?

  • my first massage (now with happy ending)   3 years 9 weeks ago

    You are kidding me. My brother's name is Markus and he loves Argentina. I don't know now whether I should send him there or whether he secretly founded it.

  • An overview of D7 install profiles   3 years 36 weeks ago

    This is a good introduction to installation profiles but I have one question (actually I've got a few, lol). How is the cascade defined? For example, I installed Commerce Kickstart and despite both Standard and Minimal installation profiles being there, it "knew" to load the Kickstart profile when I went to site.local - where is this defined?

  • An overview of site building in Wedful (Drupal install profiles, Aegir, and features)   3 years 42 weeks ago

    Hi Scott! I am working on a similar project in which users are allowed to create their own websites using Aegir and Drupal. I was wondering how to customize the email to be sent to the customer on signing up for a website. Since you have already done that, can you provide more information on where and how to actually alter/implement this?