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  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    That's great Scott. I think as this stuff becomes more streamlined you'll find more and more Drupal services companies taking a similar approach to creating client sites as you guys have. I think at some point, every Drupal services firm that wants to compete will need to have their own customized distribution (or two) for launching client sites.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    I'll definitely be talking a lot about features, as they're a big part of this being possible. To answer your question, the best way I've found to do it is both.

    Things like blogs, photo galleries, etc, things you can re-use... build them into re-usable features that you can plug into any site (particularly future distributions you want to build). But in addition, you'll also need to split up the "master" site so that all of the configuration options, content types, views, etc. are split out into features. There will be a large number of things that don't make sense in a re-usable feature and you'll only want to use on this particular distribution.

    In general, most sites I build have two or three re-usable features and approximately 5 features that are specific to various components of that particular site.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Wow! The response to this post has been amazing, it sounds like there's really a demand for this kind of information. If it makes sense I may turn these posts into more of a formal eBook later on and see how it goes.

  • In defence of train travel   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Hey Peter!

    I believe there are some trains in Europe with wifi, but I've never been on one. I tried to take amtrak last year from seattle to chicago, but there was an issue with the line and it wasn't running that week. But next time I'm back in the US I'll definitely be taking some trains :). Especially cool cause the most common train I'd use is the Vancouver -> Portland connection.

  • In defence of train travel   6 years 32 weeks ago

    I visited your site by way of Drupal Planet but glad to see a fellow developer who loves trains as much as I do.

    I'm curious if you find trains in other countries that have wireless onboard? Amtrak recently added it to the train from Portland to Seattle (not sure about other routes) and it works fairly well.

    Also, for emissions free traveling that are also fun and good ways to meet people, I sometimes go by bike or rideshare / hitchhike (getting a ride with someone else who was going anyway doesn't *add* any emissions).

    Anyway, nice post!

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Wedful is a fantastic example of what can be done with Drupal for Software as a Service type products. Having already consumed everything you have written about your process with this product, I am thrilled you will be writing more on the process of building platforms in drupal. I will be eagerly following along this blog post series in the hope of learning more I can apply to the product I am working on. Awesome work and thanks for sharing :)

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    i'll be following this series! thanks!


  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Just launched my website using Aegir not gone for to much of a niche targeting small business to start and plan to add more features as I go along. Its any feed back welcome.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    I'll be following this closely. I'm building Drupal distributions for my non-profit, FreeGeek Chicago, and for the US Dep't of Energy E-Center project.

    While neither project needs the large scale provisioning provided by Aegir (I love Aegir! I love Koumbit! But I have no need of it in my day-to-day work) we are using the same techniques to achieve continuous integration and testing with nightly test builds and the like.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    This is incredibly exciting, Scott -- you're doing the kind of stuff that we've been talking about for years, and it's amazing to see the foundational work in Drupal paying off.

    Thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain!

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Can't wait to see your next post about that. Rock on!
    I think this post was very interesting for many people because site is not responding right now

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Looking forward to it! I've subscribed to your 'platforms' tag RSS feed in preparation.

    If possible, I'd like to hear more about building an install profile/distribution by setting up a 'master' site, then dividing it up into exportable features and somehow converting them into a profile... Is it best to do it that way, or to build each feature separately?

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Thanks Simon!!

    I was doing some work the other day and forgot to turn it off again. And thanks for letting me know about the error message!

    I've worked on another project before that used the OG strategy. That would also probably be preferable if the user accounts are generally used between the different groups.

  • A guide to building platforms with Drupal   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Great site and idea....
    I'm currently doing something similar, but opted for customisable OG's rather than complete site installs.

    Just for you info getting this error when I try and sign up on wedful:

    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-1.2/includes/ on line 927.
    warning: strtr() [function.strtr]: The second argument is not an array in /home/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-1.2/includes/ on line 944.

    Best to turn error messages off on production I think.

    Good luck with wedful.

  • Thailand update   6 years 33 weeks ago

    You are actually trying to speak Thai? For real! Wow! And here I thought you were just a pretty face! ;O) Hugs and love to you both! xx

  • Thailand update   6 years 33 weeks ago

    You're awesome - I'm looking forward to that video update in Thai.

  • Learning Thai   6 years 34 weeks ago

    Kids don't immediately attach meaning to the words. They're more into the sound or vibration of it. They watch facial expressions and they repeat what they hear without caring too much about what it means. It's also a whole lot more fun when you play around with the sound of words, make funny faces and not be concerned about looking like an idiot!

    I find myself learning language far better when I try to understand and memorize less. When I was in South Africa about 2 years ago, I had a good opportunity to brush up on my Afrikaans and isiZulu. My teachers were kids! I'm fluent in Spanish and can get by OK with Afrikaans, isiZulu and Romanian. Although being in the languages native environment is probably the best way to learn a language (we'll call that the external element), there is also a personal element, which is the desire to communicate and connect. The third element, is technique. My technique is forget about meaning and have fun with the words, even if I sound like an idiot. Ha! I think I've just created a new language learning method.

    #1 - Be in the environment.
    #2 - Desire to communicate & connect.
    #3 - Learn like a child. It's OK to look silly.

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 36 weeks ago

    cellphones suck, and they give "homeland Security to track you

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 36 weeks ago

    for 2k per year you get a very small and slow computer so you can check email and send texts and make phone calls you dont need

    it allows you to be absent from reality in any situation, go have dinner and sit there and text other people

    I was on the beach a few days ago and the girls walked around bikinis, flip-flops, sunglasses and cell-phones texting other people

    they make you feel important, check your texts, check your mail etc...

    for an average TCO of 2k / year its a nonsense

    and to top it off, its killing net neutrality.

    good deal!

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 36 weeks ago

    cellphones SUCK!! We got along fine, and we were happy, with out the damn things when I was a kid. The only reason I have one is to keep my wife happy. I hope all cellphones burn in hell.

  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    awesome! I initially got inspired by this post:

    This guy is a polyglot and i've read several of his posts now. Thai is extra tricky due to the tones, but hopefully that won't be too hard to crack. People seem to make a big deal about the fact that there's like 75 symbols that must be memorized for the alphabet. but that really shouldn't be a hard feat if taken in small chunks.

    I also found this site that seems to have a lot of good stuff on it (haven't taken a close look at it yet):

    Otherwise I've just been starting to try and memorize the alphabet from wikipedia ( and using a thai script app on my phone (it's just called "Thai Script" on android, I'm sure there'd be something similar for the iphone too).

  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Oh, absolutely. I totally agree they could do more to make it interesting. Sitting in a class all day and conjugating verbs isn't really my idea of fun. At least in BC, there was no real avenue to practice french. In Buenos Aires, I could simply head out on the town and try out my new tools after each lesson. So being immersed definitely has advantages to the learning process I find.

  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    The motivation is definitely a part of it, but then again wouldn't people be more motivated if the instruction were more empowering?

    In South Africa while I was school it was compulsory to take Afrikaans as a second language and most people detested it, for the same reason as you guys. We had to learn Afrikaans for 12 years in school and many people I know definitely can't converse, and those who can are often to unconfident to.

  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I'm in the same boat: I did four years of french in high school and I hardly knew anything at the end of it. When I went to Hull, QC after moving to Ottawa, I couldn't understand a single thing anyone said at any of the bars. What a waste of four years.

    I did three weeks of private lessons in addition to about two weeks of private reading before arriving in Buenos Aires, and I can understand the gist of most written spanish now and make basic sentences in Spanish. Had I done another six weeks of private lessons, I probably could have been approaching basic conversational skills. Part of the difference undoubtedly is motivation - I wanted to learn Spanish, I didn't want to learn French.

    I'm down for making an attempt at Thai as well, so if you want someone to hammer out phrases with an make a fool of yourself in private, I'm your guy! I haven't been able to find any Thai language books though, other than phrases to memorize though - if you have any suggestions let me know.

  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    ya, i think it's tough for most people to get over the whole embarrassing factor. even if i KNOW what to say i still often just freeze up. gotta break the habit :)