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  • Learning Thai   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Kat and I were just discussing this yesterday: I found it much easier to tackle Mandarin when we were in China for exactly the "fool of myself" reason.

    I had no hangups trying and failing: nobody expected me to speak Mandarin anyway. But she (having Chinese genetics but an American upbringing) always felt like she *should* speak (or that listeners expected her to), so was wary to try.

    Bottom line: I was willing to make a fool of myself, so got slightly farther than her.

  • Addicted.   6 years 38 weeks ago

    We're funny guys Sammy ;)

    Nice pics btw, I forgot that I used to have hair :P

  • Addicted.   6 years 38 weeks ago

    You guys ripped pages out of your guidebooks? That's hilarious!

  • Addicted.   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Haha, so funny, i forgot about the baggage lock. I think I still have that thing somewhere actually, though I'll never use it again. I think we had to rip the pages out of the books because we couldn't actually physically fit everything in our bags to be checked otherwise... of course the thought never crossed our minds just to toss the useless stuff (like the remaining pages of our guide books, for example ;) ).

  • Addicted.   6 years 38 weeks ago

    That was indeed an epic trip! Definitely my best :) I didn't know about the battery nightmares. That's pretty funny cause as I was reading this post I was thinking "damn, I don't remember having to find batteries in Paris" :P
    Our bags were WAY to heavy. You had that metal mesh bag lock that probably weighed 5-10lbs on top of everything else. I was just telling somebody how we ripped the un-needed pages out of our guide books to lighten up a bit!

  • An overview of site building in Wedful (Drupal install profiles, Aegir, and features)   6 years 39 weeks ago


    What will it cost to have you create us a site similar to wedful but for another site. I am currently evaluating option to create a wedding directory site with option that similar to yours.

    Thank you,

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I think it's a personal decision. I need a computer to make my livelihood - I absolutely couldn't make due without one. I don't *need* my cell phone, and could easily get by with Skype. In fact, I'm often happier when I'm harder to get a hold of, as it means people don't bother me for trivial items and I don't get interrupted as often when I'm having fun. But I do *like* having one.

    I know a few people who don't have cell phones and they get by just fine. Likewise I know people who don't use Facebook either and they don't seem to be any worse off without it. I like having a cell phone on me when I travel, but truthfully I got in the habit of leaving it at the apartment when I was going out with friends. I didn't travel to spend my evenings on my phone pushing Tweets out or updating Facebook, and it's too easy to get into that trap when you have a data plan and your phone out in public. Other people have more restraint than me I guess, but when I'm out at pubs in Vancouver it's amazing how many people are just staring down at their phones.

    It's far cheaper to deploy a cellular base station nowadays than it is to run copper to homes. That's why in a lot of impoverished areas you see cell phone dominance. Costa Rica is a good example, they basically skipped over land lines and went straight to cell phones. I imagine many non first-world countries are similar.

  • A trip to Slovenia   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Yo Jordan, that would've been my 50mm lens on my Rebel XT.

  • A trip to Slovenia   6 years 41 weeks ago

    I love the photos. Which camera did you use for that stellar shot of Rok & Tamara?

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 41 weeks ago

    >still up for debate . . .

    It appears the criteria for 'need' or 'necessary' needs to be more carefully defined.

    "I can't live without it" is more a metaphor than a literal explanation. For example, given a choice between providing people with running water and cell phones which do you think people should be provided with?

    It's not so much that cell phones are unnecessary, but that doesn't make them necessary either. There's a huge range between the two and I think that's probably where both sides of the argument break down (or get supported depending on your pov).

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Well, what about versus a TV? Do you think a cellphone is more or less important than that? Yet there's an entire generation of people that wouldn't be able to "live without" a television. How else could you have so many people living below the poverty line with not only just a TV, but also a monthly cable subscription.

    While I don't know anyone personally, I would say there are a large percentage of africans who have limited access to refrigeration, running water, and anti-biotics, yet they make room for a cellphone (but they also don't have access to landlines).

    In addition to everything else, cell phones have probably saved thousands of peoples lives by helping emergency services get to the scene of an accident quicker or helping them find people lost or injured in the wilderness.

    With that said, cellphones /are/ still very young, but they're quickly become at least as important as a computer for many people. I would currently place them at a level of importance somewhat above a TV, and taking the entire world into account, also above a car (for almost all large cities owning a car is unnecessary for most people, and I would say less necessary than a cellphone). But still below computers and the internet.

    > Which is not the same as most of those one-sided conversations we get to hear in restaurants and check-out lines

    Since when does the majority of the use of something not being necessary make the entire technology unnecessary? A lot of anti-biotic use on animals is unnecessary. The vast majority of our electricity, plastics, and running water use is also unnecessary. Because golf courses waste running water does that make that technology unnecessary?

    You must think of the /necessary/ use cases to determine if something is "needed", the unnecessary use cases have nothing to do with it.

  • Nobody NEEDS a cellphone   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Ouch. But look at those girls - they sure don't look very happy using their cell phones :) Maybe they've run out of things to say to each other. Running water, refrigeration and antibiotics on the same need level as cell phones? Hardly. Six-year olds that 'need' their own cell phone? Hardly. However, from what I've read, there are parts of the world (Africa?) where they are actually 'needed' and perhaps make a difference in people's lives. Which is not the same as most of those one-sided conversations we get to hear in restaurants and check-out lines. Handy? yes; needed? still up for debate.

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Excellent! I'd say you could even ditch the USB wall adaptor, and just plug the USB devices into the laptop to charge them. I also wrap my duct tape around a pen, so it's a bit easier to use if (and when) necessary.

    I consider the DSLR to be necessary gear when travelling: my point-an'-shoot is fine for taking shots at bars, but can't do landscapes or "adventure shots" justice.

    I agree about the "safari pants", and consider them a Don't. It's all about jeans.

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    I use to pack like a boyscout... "always be prepared", which is great for the outdoors where you don't have plenty of stores. But now if it's something that I'm not 95% sure that I'll need, I try to leave it out. You can always buy the stuff you need that you didn't bring /after/ you arrive. Plus it makes for a nice introduction to a place when you need to buy a few toiletries :).

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Great video! I've been meaning to do something similar as well. I only took a backpack to Oahu, and it's pretty loaded. I probably could have gotten rid of a few things, but I got most of the main items in. I wasn't able to bring a pair of sandals, which means I'll have to try and buy a pair here.

    Anything you've changed with how you pack over the years?

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    A note about Scott's "quick drying underwear" comment: the relevance in this is for when he washes them, as one does with undies! :P

    Lynn: I would wear the same clothes I wear day to day on Safari! It really makes sod-all difference and you don't need khaki or camouflage no matter what all the travel shops try to convince you.

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    1. I think MEC sells bottles like it in a various sizes.
    2. I guess something like you'd wear if you were going to the park :).

  • What I pack   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Just a couple of questions:
    1. Where can you get a water bottle like that?
    2. What would you wear if you WERE going on Safari?

  • Creating Custom Triggers in Drupal   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Sorry, ignore this in my last comment:

    then it won't show up in the Triggers page, this will:

    split module names works fine, I just needed to clear my menu cache then the tab in triggers showed up.

  • Creating Custom Triggers in Drupal   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Thanks for this post, very useful. I don't mean to nitpick but..

    > you'll also need to CCK type called 'script'.
    > can you give a link to this CCK type?

    There is some confusion there, what is meant (I think) is a node content type called 'script', where 'script' is the machine readable name. It has nothing to do with CCK fields. Also:

    ...specific cck types....

    I think means node content types. Also, different subject, if your module name is two words with an underscore e.g.


    then it won't show up in the Triggers page, this will:


    thx again.

  • Boy does time fly...   6 years 49 weeks ago

    awww thanks mom! :)

  • Boy does time fly...   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Something you probably didn't know about me - Ayn Rand is one of my favourite philosophers! You just reminded me to reread Atlas Shrugged one of these days. I miss you too Scotty, but you're always with me in my heart.

  • Rio's Favelas   6 years 50 weeks ago

    These people might have a great view due to the fact that they live on the mountain side, but all that garbage ruins everything from my point of view. And it's not just the garbage, something like Baltimore trash pickup could easily remove it and make the place prettier, but it's also the gangs, drugs and corruption that flourish in there which keeps me away from that place. I doubt I could ever live there...

  • Rio's Favelas   7 years 1 week ago

    Thanks! I will contact one of them immediately!

  • Rio's Favelas   7 years 2 weeks ago

    Hey Michael,

    I'm not actually in Rio, was only there for a couple weeks. There are plenty of favela tours that are offered and locals are the tour guides. I would recommend trying to find one of those tours and then you can ask your local guide more about what you want to know.