Food, Procrastination, and Driving (or lack thereof)

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I've been procrastinating like crazy lately. It's really bad. In my fit of procrastination, I started thinking about how much harder it is to procrastinate without a TV. Almost so hard it's not even worth it. Sure, Facebook and YouTube help, but you're constantly searching for stuff. I stumbled across this article about active vs. passive procrastination. I'm happy to say most of my procrastination is active, unfortunately, just not today (though blogging probably counts as active :)).

I realized shortly after I starting my psuedo-100-mile-diet that my rule of being able to purchase produced foods as long as it was produced locally would be ok, was a bit of a joke. Why is it any better for me to purchase produced non-local food if I could just buy the non-local food myself and then make it (for example, fresh salsa). So I decided that it's only ok if the raw ingredients can't be purchased locally. So, pretty much all of the ingredients in the Granola King's granola is non-local, regardless of the fact that much of it could be purchased locally, therefore Granola King is out.

With regards to my meals, I've got breakfast and lunch pretty much down. For breakfast I've been eating local yogurt (non-sweetened because all the sugar comes from far away) with honey (I can't stand plain yogurt :)). Usually sandwitches for lunch. But dinner I'm still not too good at, this is probably due to part laziness, part lack of creativity. What I need is a local seasonal recipe book. Has anyone ever heard of something like that? I think it could be a good seller these days.

I finally posted some pics from the Commercial Drive "Drive Fest" from a couple weekends back. Oh yeah, and critical mass is starting in a few minutes, should be a massive turnout this month. I went for my first time last month and it was pretty awesome. I hope you didn't drive into the downtown core for work today :). Aight, I'm off.

EDIT: One last thing... Scott's b-day party is this weekend, and we're starting off tomorrow with a brunch at my place (that's right, waffles, eggs, bacon, cinnamon buns, pancakes, omlettes, vodka, same old stuff), so let me know if wanna drop by (and I might even give you my address).