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In case you weren't keeping track... we've just about hit 1/6th of the way through 2008. I don't know... personally that seems a bit insane. Tech events so far this year... one launch party, one demo camp, northern voice, and drupalcon next week.

So far this year... of almost 9 weeks I've had a cold or flu for 5 of those weeks. Yes, it's been awesome. I think this can really only mean one thing... my body is telling me it's time to take a vacation. I haven't taken a "real" vacation for as long as I can remember... probably last time I went three days without doing any work (and not having the flu ;-) ) was the last time I was in New Brunswick / PEI which (I just looked up) was about 2 years ago (I'm pretty sure I didn't do much work there). Doing the freelance thing... I decided it would be wise to never have weekends or vacation, this turned out to not be so wise. So if in the next month or two I disappear to some far off corner of the world, don't be surprised.

Tonight I'm having a date with myself... sushi and a movie (Across the Universe). Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and not be sick anymore.

It was a really good movie and good sushi! Just what I wanted :).

gender confused?


It's about 2:30am and I'm 4 beers and 1 shot of jager drunk... which, as anyone who knows me, knows that that's what I pretty much drink daily... but I just felt that if I didn't blog about my halloween party night now it wouldn't ever happen. Kind of like how I never post any pictures I take because I don't deal with them right after I take them :-/.

Living in Burnaby the past few years (and in condo's) I wasn't ever really able to get into the halloween spirit. So I mostly just chilled at home or worked. This year however, in true spirit of this year (for me at least), I decided halloween needed to be intense. Yes, I know, Halloween is on Wednesday, but let's face it, all the action is happening this weekend. I'm not gonna post a picture of my outfit here, but I will link to one at the end of this entry for all to see.

For some reason, for reasons unbeknownst to me, my two themes this year have been cross dressing (specifically lingerie) and cowboys. So, I knew I had to choose one of the two for this Halloween. Both Boris and Steven made suggestions for a combination of the two. Later, when discussing with my new hair dresser during a hair cut (great hair cut, btw), the final result was determined. Lesbian cowgirl.

I picked up some boots (size 10 womens faux cowboy), a wig (blonde, medium length), and a XXXL red plaid shirt (only size available). I had to cut the plaid shirt down to a more appropriate size (with an exacto, as I have no scissors :-/). I met up with Steven before heading to a party at Jagers with Boris and others. I didn't actually know anyone besides the people I was with, but everyone was pretty awesome, and totally digging my digs. I was actually pretty surprised about the positive reaction from everyone. Who knew so many people loved cross dressers? Mind you, I guess I was looking pretty sexy.

I left at ~11:30 for another party at Crush that I had previously promised to attend. Btw, Lyal, wtf happened to you, dude? You texted me that you were in there, but no Lyal was to be found? I wasn't really getting much attention there (compared to jaggers), mostly just from dudes, and the occasional chick, I think most people were just into their own costumes (myself included). After a bit of dancing and getting some cold looks (wtf is with club chicks anyway, haven't they ever seen a dude dressed as a lesbian cowgirl?) I went back and chilled in the lounge and chatted with a few people. I needed to sit down anyway, my feet just felt numb when sitting, but broken when I was walking on them (remember, size 10 womens, and *very* pointy. how do chicks do it!?). All in all it was a pretty good night. I think my feet will still be feeling it for the next couple days.

In reality, it probably would have made more sense for me to go as a transvestite cowboy. I really wanted to fight for lesbian cowgirl though, so I maintained that persona. I now understand how girls can go out in the freezing cold wearing so little clothing. Every "checkout" from a dude or a chick totally warmed me up a little. It's hawt being constantly checked out walking down Granville street at 1:30am. Of course, I got a lot of weird looks walking from Granville to Beatty where I live.

Today was one of those awesome days, where shit just works out for you for some reason. If I have one regret for the night, it's that I didn't keep a tally of the amount of guy vs. girl hit ons. If I had to estimate I'd say about 2:1 guy to girl hit on ratio. Surprisingly enough, most of the guys that hit on me appeared to be straight. Sadly, I had to tell them I was a Lesbian.

Don't be too shocked if you see me in pictures all over facebook and flickr in the next couple months... I took a ton of photos with random people upon their request. Now... for the outfit pic (note the boots, cause they took some effort).

Moved out... Moved in


As many of you know I moved this past weekend... on April 1st, and we got mad pranked by the moving gods. Below you'll see that it was snowing on Burnaby mountain (or was it hailing... or was it hailing and snowing AND raining!). Hey, better than rain... but still pretty wack.


The other issue was that the van was a little tight for all my stuff. But Bliss and Scott managed to pack it as tight as possible... turns out I should have taken apart the bookcase, but hey, that's life.

Anyway, I'm all moved in now and the place is pretty much setup. I'm also enjoying the new view. Oh, and btw, anyone who's reading this post is invited to my housewarming... whenever I have that (except for no one knows where I live! mwuahahahaha! ... ok, like 4 people, but none of them have my buzzer number. nnst).


did I mention I suck at panorama's?

Props to all my moving helpers! I'll be hosting a secret party just for them... dang! It's not a secret anymore.

Moving out

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Well, I've lived in Burnaby for roughly 8.5 years, 4 of those years on Burnaby Mountain. Hard to believe, but true. The day has finally come to get out of this suburb and off of this mountain. As happy as I am to be moving, I think I will still miss a couple things about living up here.

  • The snow. It snows on Burnaby mountain a lot. And I love it. Especially cause these new condo's make it seem like you live at a ski resort.
  • The quiet. No traffic noise, often no people noise either.
  • Isolated. In the event of a natural disaster, Burnaby mountain is a good place to be. [Relatively] Clean water supply always running over the mountain. Isolated to avoid all those crazies living in the city. Plus it's sometimes nice to not have the "big city" craziness all the time.
  • The views. Burnaby mountain has a lot of good lookout points, with a 360 degree view of the lower mainland.
  • The constant supply of second hand marijuana smoke coming from the people below us. Though I'm sure that's not limited to Burnaby mountain.
  • Living in a forest is nice.
  • Being 120 seconds from wicked mountain biking trails is nicer.

Some things I might not miss as much:

  • Isolated. Honestly, a 1 hour round trip by bus to get groceries. Minimum.
  • Nothing open on Sunday, and everywhere else in Burnaby everything is closed by 10.
  • Did I mention it's pretty isolated up here?
  • Really not too convenient if you don't have a car, unless where ever you're going is a) on the skytrain line or b) along Hastings.
  • The 7 days a week partying in all of April, May, August, and September.
  • The "Grey" that defines SFU, both in the color of the buildings, and the color of the sky.

Btw, in case you're trying to call me... Telus disconnected my phone 24h early. Big surprise. So call my cell instead.

Third week without TV

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So I'm just entering my third week with no TV. The first few days were kind of tough (I gotsta veg out man!) but the TV urges quickly subsided. Sure there's plenty of other things that I can waste my time with, but none are quite so powerful as TV. Because of this (and because I'm no longer working for SFU, I'm sure) I've finally been able to get close to finishing a long list of things that have been on my todo list for way to long. However, due to the fact that I've finally been productive over the past few days... I think I'm starting to crave that good ol' TV veg-ing out time.

At least TV doesn't seem as addictive as McDonald's though (at least not yet). Haven't eaten anything from there for over 3.5 years and I still get cravings for a quarter pounder w/ cheese and fries... mmm... and I hate the taste of McDonald's food... wtf!?