New Gentoo Developer

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That's right folks, you're reading the blog of a brand new gentoo developer. You can now email me at hadfield at gentoo . org, if you feel so inclined. My dev website is here so I'll probably add any gentoo related stuff I have up there shortly. I'm pumped about this :-).

EDIT: Here's a link to the email sent to gentoo-dev mailling list welcoming me and two other new dev's.

Watchout Gentoo Devs... here I come


So the other day I was asked if I wanted to become an official Gentoo Developer. I've been working on GLEP 15(which is gonna be totally sweet, btw) with another developer.

I'm totally stoked about becoming an official dev for the project. Check out my bugzilla bug here. All I've gotta do now is read through a bunch of gentoo dev docs and write the gentoo dev quiz.