Boil water advisories


Every year we get at least a couple boil water advisories, it's often confusing whether it pertains to our specific area or not. Usually you've already had a few cups or at least washed your hands in the water prior to hearing about the advisory, if you even hear about it. For someone that often doesn't watch the news and rarely listens to the radio, I usually don't hear about the advisories until Ariane tells me about it.

So here's my question... why isn't there a BC or even Canada wide emergency email notification system. You'd just sign up with your email address, define which areas you're concerned about and wait for email when there's things like boil water advisories, or possibly even major road closures in your immediate vicinity. Except for the geographical information part of the system, any self-respecting web developer should be able to put together a system like this in less that 30 minutes... so why doesn't this exist?

P.S. I did manage to find one site that does this in BC. Not sure if there are others. Now to go buy some clean water, since supposedly we're currently under a boil water advisory.

Best Beer of 2005


As some might remember, my new years resolution for 2005 was to try a greater variety of beer. Well I think I was pretty successful. So here's my take on the best and most memorable beers I had this year. Unfortunately I didn't actually review any of these beers while drinking them, so the descriptions are all from memory.

Best Beers - All Around

Naramata Nut Brown Ale - This beer from Cannery Brewing in Penticton is my number 1 beer this year. I first had it in October while I was there for my cousins wedding. I believe it's called "Nut Brown" both because of its brownish orangy colour and it's slightly nutty taste. A well-balanced beer overall. My biggest complaint is the weak head.

Fat Tire Amber Ale - If you happen to find yourself in the states sometime, give this beer a try from New Belgium Brewing in Colorado. It's a beautiful looking beer (heck, even the bottle was pretty cool looking), nice head, and a nice orange amber colour to it. The beer tastes as good as it looks and leaves you pondering the taste after every sip.

Best Lager

A good lager is hard to come by, but there is one that I've found this year that really sticks out above the rest. Natureland Organic Lager from Pacific Western Brewing in Prince George. An average head and mouthfeel with a nice bready aroma. I'd recommend this beer at a summer BBQ with homemade burgers. Mmmm... burgers.

Best Wheat

Good wheat ales seemed easy to come by this past summer Granville Island Hefe Weizen always seems to be pretty decent. But the best wheat (or witbier) I had this year was easily Hoegaarden Original White Ale. This beer is brewed in Belgium. Don't be fooled by the likes of Stella Artois and other wannabe Belgium beers, Belgium does actually have some great beer, this being one of them. It's pours a clowdy yellowish with very fruity aromas. An awesome drink on any hot summer day.

Worst Wheat

I think I also need to put in a note here about the most dissapointing wheat ale I had this year. Generally produces very drinkable beers, I was dissapointed with this years Shaftebury West Coast Wheat Ale. Lacking almost any head this beer also had a poor hop balance with too much of an almost grass-like flavour. Hopefully the Shafte can pull this beer together for next year.

Best Cream

This one goes to R & B Brewing. All I remember about their Raven Cream Ale was that it was very smooth, probably with some caramel malts. I still have yet to find this one in a liquor store, but it went very nicely with the pizza I had at Incendio.

I would also recommend the Shaftebury Cream Ale this year. Enjoy with a piece of chocolate to enhance the flavours even further.

Winter Ales

Despite what you may think, Winter Ale is not actually a type of beer, though many beers do have "winter" on their label. Shaftebury Winter Nights and Granville Island Lions Winter Ale pop to mind. The Shaftebury is actually a Black and Tan which is a style of beer that you mix a light and dark beer. In this case, their cream and porter. The Granville Island is actually an English Dark Mild Ale. It's got a bit of vanilla aroma, and I'm guessing some chocolate malt. It's definitely an original tasting beer. And I think I'll have to go poor myself one right now...

Porters, Stouts, and Everything Else

I'd like to comment further on porters and stouts, unfortunately I don't feel that I've had enough variety this year to write any thoughts on these. Perhaps next year. Though if you can find one and you like chocolate, give a chocolate porter or stout a try this winter. And if you can find a place that carries Phillips Chocolate Porter pick one up for me, I haven't been able to find it in liquor stores yet.

Weirdest Beer

You better brace yourself before you have a Rodenbach Grand Cru if you haven't had many Belgium beers. This beer is supposedly aged in oak barrels for two years. Very sour and I wouldn't recommend it with pizza, but I'd definitely recommend giving it a try if you want something different. Note that this is a very highly rated beer by beer experts.

My Birthday

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What better way to have a birthday. Start it off with a wicked mtn bike ride,
followed by a rib dinner and finished off with a sweet beer tasting
(better photo to come).

The Beer Wiki


That's right, you heard it here first folks, the
Beer Wiki
is now up and running. It's still pretty bare (in fact there's not even a
single review!) and I've only added a couple templates and not much more.

So if you're feeling bored at work feel free to add some beer that's
not there yet and through down your own reviews.

If you've got any bright ideas let me know, or just make the changes

Btw, I did a quick search on google for beer wiki's and I honestly think
that this is the very first beer wiki on the internet. Sweet!



Ok, so I posted some information about calories on my "healthy living" blog if you're interested.

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