march 2008

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march is quickly wrapping up and i never did post a DrupalCon wrap up post. i figure i'll just through all of march into one quick and dirty post. i ended up not going to nearly as many sessions as i'd hoped, and instead spent most of my time chatting with and meeting people.

it looks like a number of people at the conference ended up getting the same flu that came through vancouver in full force last month. fortunately i was already several weeks deep into the sickness by then, so i was safe.

the final day had all the remaining people went to MIT for a Drupal code sprint. a few of the NowPublic dev team flew back into vancouver to work out of our main office and meet some of the vancouver peeps the following week.

it was great having some more developers in the office for a change... but don't worry, we still only communicated via IRC/skype instead of in person.

last weekend (easter weekend) steven, alexa, and myself all went to victoria. our plan was to ferry there and fly back on one of the float planes.

i was surprised how quiet victoria is. i think living in downtown vancouver for a year i've gotten desensitized to how busy it actually gets down here. friday and saturday nights on a long weekend in victoria, and the place was practically dead.

after we arrived we did some quick shopping and decided to look for spinnakers brew pub... ended up getting lost wondering around esquimalt and when we eventually found it ... they'd already done last call ... at 10:50 ... on a friday night. ahh well. ended up at the sticky wicket instead :). we went to a pretty sweet club saturday night... which i'd talk more about, but what happens in victoria stays in victoria?

flying back on the float plane never did happen due to a storm coming in right before our flight and the winds being too high. ended up taking 6h to get back home instead of 30 minutes. :-/

well.. there goes march.. and in case you were wondering... i'm still sick right now :) (at least i had a few days off before getting another cold).

Drupalcon Barcelona trip wrap-up

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...because your tiny amount of liquids won't explode if they're in little plastic bags...

I'm just on my way back to Vancouver from Barcelona, sitting in the Barcelona Airport.
It's been a pretty intense week, to say the least. Let me just say, Drupalcon Barcelona, effing awesome. Met lots of awesome people, who I'll hopefully be able to keep in contact with a bit still.

We (Boris, Steven, Djun, and I) arrived Sunday night after about 20h of travelling the trip there was pretty uneventful... ran into walkah in the bathroom of the Amsterdam airport, which was nice, because I was starting to get tired of Steven ;).

Monday we did a brief walking tour of Barcelona, stopped in at the Market and grabbed a quick bite to eat. We met up with a dude from the Zope project for dinner later that day and had some great techie conversations. Ended up cleaning out the beer selection at the place we were eating too.

On Tuesday, Boris and I decided we needed to cook a BIG "spanish" dinner. We hooked up with the Now Public crew at the Market and made a quick dash to get all the food we needed for the night, with only minutes to spare before everything closed for siesta. Boris is an awesome chef. Let's see if I can remember even half of what we cooked... muscles, prawns, baby octupus, squid, guacamole, lamb, fish, sausage (numerous varieties), and I'm sure a ton of stuff that I'm missing. We went through about a litre of olive oil, and basically ended up drinking and eating for 12 straight hours and the Now Public apartment, which was a pretty sweet place... almost had a bit of a greek feel to it, actually. Afterwards we hit up La Ramblas for some more beers, where I /may/ have stolen a 1.5L glass... attempting to hide it by stuffing it under my shirt... because I'm classy like that.

The conference ran from Wednesday through Saturday. I gave a pretty brief presentation of my loadtest module Wednesday afternoon and it went better than I thought it would. Ican't remember what happened Wednesday night, so it must have been pretty low key.

Thursday we hit an Irish pub. Yeah, nuff said.

Friday, Djun and I decided to pick up some food to cook and just chill and have a romantic Dinner with the two of us. Then we went out and took photos from 11:30-2am around the town.

Last night can't be discussed.

Went to bed at 5am, got up at 7am to head for my flight. I decided it would be a bright idea to catch the metro as we never really cracked the code for cabs in this city :). Unfortunately I went the wrong way down the line. Though I managed to realize early enough and hopped on a train back downtown, at which point I decided to grab a cab :). I'm now in Amsterdam, running on 2h of sleep for the past 30h and still have 12h left of travelling. Nnnst! I'll post some pics when I get back. I promise :).

Back from Whistler


So the Whistler was pretty wicked. Tons of snow this month and good weather. I skied by myself for most of the day Friday, and then dragged Ariane out for the afternoon and met up with Matt, Heather and John on Saturday. It's been over two years (maybe even three?) since I've been here so I was pretty pumped.

Matt, Heather, and John on the lift

We hiked up to the Blackcomb glacier first thing on Saturday (took us like 45 minutes of just chair lifts and tee bars to get there) and by half way through the day my camera batteries had gotten so cold that the camera kept saying the batteries were dead. Kind of frustrating but I managed to get a couple good shots still. I've put most of the pics up here.


Lac Le Jeune Camping

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Despite the heat (wait! I love the heat) and lack of shade at the [tag]campground[/tag] (many trees were removed due to pine beetle infestations) it was a really fun camping trip. Good to see everyone who came out for it. I've posted my photos, let me know if you want any at full resolution.


Group Photo!


It was followed by an awesome lightning storm afterwards, which surprisingly didn't seem to start too many fires.


New Brunswick/PEI picks posted


We got back from NB a couple weeks ago now. It was a good trip. I still think Mike and those guys are a little bit crazy, but I guess we'll see what happens :). We rented a car in Moncton and drove down to St. Andrews [by the Sea] where they're living and stayed for two nights. The people who own the land have this gorgeous house right on the water that we stayed at on the second night... mind you it was a bit freaky when kids music started blasting in the house at 12am and we were the only ones there.

At their farm house - Mike and Luke practicing their juggling.

We took Mike with us over to PEI for a few days to see Charlottetown and visit with some family. Turns out there's only one brew pub on the island, but we were able to find it.

A cozy little street in Charlottetown

While we were visiting we invented hockey puck bling, which I'm sure you'll here more about later :-). We decided to spend our last two nights in Moncton, which turned out to be a pretty nice city. We wanted to head down to the Hopewell Rocks. When we were here 3 years ago the tides were already climbing so we couldn't go out very far. But this time we had a tide chart... unfortunately, as we found out later, it was a 2005 tide chart. Oh well, maybe in 3 more years we'll get there at the right time. We drove a little futher to Alma, in Fundy National Park and found the great fish and chips place we ate at when we were here before. It was worth the ~4h round trip to get there and back.

We flew out the next day, only to realize the car company had fucked us. It was more than twice what we were quoted... but whatever, we won't be using budget again.

Oh yeah! And I've posted the pictures from the trip too.