Miles per hour!?


Ariane and I have been in Seattle attending Drupal Camp for the past couple days, it was pretty sweet (I think this gives Ariane official geek status now ;-)). We've been boycotting the states since Bush came in, but decided to break the boycott for this event, which was worth it. It was just a bit scary driving through the border after hearing a few horror stories. Anyway, after we crossed the border the speed limit changed from 100 to 60, wtf, Ariane's car doesn't even have MPH! I guess if we got busted for speeding I could honestly tell the officer that I had no idea how fast we were going.

Drupal Camp was sponsored by Rain City Studios, Bryght, and CivicActions. It was a wicked event, and tons of great people were there. I think I even learned a thing or two about Drupal! There were a variety of sessions, mostly about theming, modules, and general drupal coding/enhancing, there was even a geek yoga session :).

Photo taken by Kris Krug

There was a bit of confusion with our accommodations (to say the least) so we're back a day early, and now I get to go in to work for a day before heading out to Hope for Scotty's birthday party. We brought back 7 different selections of US beer (our max 48 bottles) that we can't get in Canada, so we'll be bringing some of that out for the festivities.

US Beer

Garibaldi Lake


Bliss and I went on an overnight hike this weekend to Garibaldi Lake. It was
a pretty good hike, 9km with a 900m vertical climb. It took 3 hours in, 2.5
out, but we were stopping a lot on the way out for pics. We almost didn't
get a site though. Once we had climbed most of the way we passed a ranger who
told us the campsite was full. We were like wtf? And started hustling, we
passed to groups of people and managed to score the last site that was
pretty well hidden.

All in all, it was a great trip, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. The weather
was wicked too. Pretty hot, but nothing we couldn't handle. Sorry Bliss,
I just decided to post my own album. I needed to post this freaky
picture that you'll see below.

Alright, here are my best photos (except for this first one), but feel free
to check out
the album:

Just your average afternoon photo of a mountain with a reflection in the lake,
right? right?

Now take a look at the sideways view, I only noticed this because this is
the actual angle that he photo was taken, but I didn't catch it until it was
on my computer screen.

Does that not look like an evil ass face to you? Damn, it's freaking me out
right now. I wonder if that's like a bad omen or something.
Post on a scale of one to ten how freaky you think that picture is.

Ok, I think this one is my best photo that I took:

Here's one of us at our campsite :)

Nelson, Kootneys

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We started our short trek into the Kootneys on Tuesday after deciding to spend an extra night in Vernon Monday night. We ended up driving for about 5 hours to Ainsworth. The highway there was absolutely beautiful and there was next to no traffic. I think we were fortunate that I decided to take this week off, as summer vacation begins next week for high school and elementary school, so things are still pretty quiet. There was a neat little ferry that we had to take across Arrow lakes to get to Nakusp.

Nakusp is known for it's hot springs. It has two developed ones, which are pretty much just hot/warm pools and there's about 6 or so known, but undeveloped, hot springs only a short hike off the road. Unfortunately, due to our extra night in Vernon we didn't have time to check any out. It might be nice to check out some of the undeveloped hot springs in that area sometime.

Our next stop was Kaslo. A fairly small town with some nice beaches along Kootney Lake. There wasn't much there, but the main street downtown was really nice, many shops with the backdrop of mountains. There was one wicked little takeout place with like dogs/burgers/fries that also baked a lot of their own bread, some yeast free bread too, so Ariane was able to get some.

We stayed in Ainsworth that night. Meh... nothing in Ainsworth but the hotel and hot springs, we stayed in the hotel. The cool thing about these hot springs was that they're developed around a natural cave that you can walk right into. It's sort of like a combination steam bath/hottub at the very back of the cave... really relaxing once you get over the not being able to breath stuff.

We drove to Nelson the next morning. Nelson is really cool... surrounded by steep mountains and the Kootney Lake, it's very scenic. Though it was raining when we first arrived (yesterday), today is awesome weather. I went riding on one of their mountains today, it was a lot of climbing but also some wicked rides back down. I only did intermediate rides and they were slightly above my skill level, with a ton of ladder rides and jumps Nelson's tracks are definately on par with the Vancouver north shore.

The main street in Nelson is about 8 blocks long with a ton of shops and pubs and even a few places where Ariane can get food. We tried to do a tour of the NBC (Nelson Brewing Company), but they only run tours on Fridays, so we'll have to skip that one unfortunatly. Though I've sampled a few of their beers since we've been here and I must say, it's quite nice.

I can't believe how much live music they have here. Tonight we're going to see Luther Wright at a club across the street. Hopefully it won't be too country.

G-Dog and Itsuki's Wedding


Last weekend was Graham and Itsuki's wedding at Lake Okanagan Resort near Kelowna. Their second one in two weeks, actually. It was a really fun time, great to see Graham again, though, I think he's mellowed down a fair bit since he first left Canada.

The resort was quite nice, though not the best place to buy food, mostly because it was still off-season. On the first day their Ariane and I, and a few other wedding goers did a tour of the Grey Monk winery followed by 18 holes of mini-golf at Scandia with about 30 other people who were also going to the wedding. It was all a pretty good time. We just chilled in our room that night (which by the way came complete with a jacuzzi in the living room, damn!).

On Sunday was the wedding, the ceremony was outside, and thankfully the rain stopped that day, and it was very nice. The reception/dinner was fun, great food, and a great speach by MacBitch. Thankfully I was recording it and will be using an identical speach next month at Bliss and Deb's wedding ;-).

Between the highway and the resort they were blasting the cliff side (apparently to get rock for the new bridge), this delayed traffic a lot as they only let cars through for 10 minutes each hour. But at around 10pm at the reception we were notified that they blew off about half the cliff face and covered the road, as well as the foremans pickup, with rock. It cut the reception short for most people unfortunately as it turned a 20 minute drive into a 2.5h drive as the only way back into Kelowna was through Vernon. Fortunately for us the rock was mostly cleared by morning and we were able to make it to brunch/present opening and Grahams parents' house.


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So I think I'm going to come back from my blogging hiatus as Ariane and I are
heading to the Kootneys next week, and I'm sure you all want to know what
I'll be eating for breakfast. Besides, it's time I rejoined the
sorority of spam
that is blogging.

My comment system has become bombarded with asshat spammers, so the other day
I finally got it together and wrote a script to help me manage my comments and
remove the odd 1500 spam comments that were so graciously placed on my blog,
most of them completely blank entries (wtf?).

I'll also hopefully be throwing some more pics up on my
photoblog so that all
can bask in my poor photography skills :-).