hotel wireless

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Hotel wireless is sweet. Ariane and I are in Penticton this weekend helping clean out my great great aunts apartment. I checked many of the penticton hotels for highspeed but couldn't really find anything, most just say "data ports" which means the phone has an extra port for your modem (<sarcasm>woo hoo</sarcasm>). So I just gave up and stayed at the best western (it's like this little best western motel). So I turn on my laptop tonight, and BOOM, I'm connected. It's sweet. Wireless internet is sweet.

Houseboat et al.

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Well I'm back from the houseboat trip and a mini blogging hiatus. The houseboat trip was pretty awesome, despite the weather, and yes Leslie, there was a slide, but more importantly a hot tub! I've posted some pics here (under 'hadfield style'). And if you want a more detailed event of what happened, read Ariane's blog entry which pretty much says everything I would've (and more!)

I've been pretty busy at work lately, feeling a bit under appreciated most of the time, but whatever. I haven't had much time to work on my Gentoo coding unfortunately, but I'm thinking of taking 3 or 4 days off work to work on it. I'm working on a script repository that will allow gentoo users and developers to post random sysadmin style scripts for everyone to use. Right now most people just use the forums which leaves a lot to be desired.

My new work motto (thanks to Parveen's link) is:
Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

It really makes work a lot more bearable. :-)

waiting impatiently

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for the end of work. We're leaving for the houseboat trip in two hours and I think my excitement has killed any ability I had to concentrate on coding for the day. This is what sucks about working in an office with other people. They all know when you leave early. blah. Only one hour left today... maybe I'll do some job hunting. Not enough time to make it worth the effort of concetration.

A few weeks

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Well it's been a few weeks since I last blogged, but I'm back now. I went to a friends wedding in Vernon on August long weekend. It was actually quite good, although I wasn't a big fan of the ceremony, the reception was really fun. I've put up an album here. Thanks to Luke for putting up a lot of his pictures too.

I've been pretty busy at work, I've got about 5 projects that need to go to production before the fall semester starts. Kinda bitchy, but you do what you gotta do.

I've also been trying to get a start on my own company. This so called company is going to be doing web hosting (cheap), web page design, linux consulting, and freelance programming. I've got a few web clients already. So lately I've just been getting my server "enterprise ready". Setting up virtual hosting for email/web hosting, securing my server, etc. Also I think I might switch to a telus business account from shaw. They'll give me two static IP's and up to 20GB of bandwidth/month for like $85. To get a static IP from shaw was like $140 and I don't know how much bandwidth they'd allow.

ixnay onway ortpay alberniway

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So as most of you probably already know. We decided not to go to port alberni after all. It was pretty hot, and Ariane was feeling ill, so we just decided to take it easy.

Everyones blogs got bombarded with spam and that was a bitch to clean up. So I decided to start looking for alternatives to the movabletype system since it went AWOL. I feel that my needs are pretty simple:
- Multiple blogs
- Comment system
- Configurable sorting of entries
- HTML based entry submission and management
- (optionally) spam blocking such as captcha's. This is optional because I can just write one myself.
- Under a Free Software license

I installed Wordpress on the server. After an hour of debugging I was finally able to login. Needless to say it has a long way to go. However, once it was running it was quite a nice interface. Unfortunately it only supports a single blog. This is kind of a piss off because I'm like, "why didn't you write it for multiple blogs, changing it now is going to be a violent hack!". And I know it would've been simple to do, I wrote a content management system that supported multiple sites without a problem. (hmm... maybe I should make some slight modifications and use my own system).

Next I tried out blosxom. Blosxom is wickedly designed. It's almost purely based on plugins. It helps to have a strong knowledge of perl to set it up though. Unfortunately most of the plugins in it's plugin registry are very poorly documented or the links to them are broken. It also has no web based management system, which might make it difficult for some not-so-savvy computer people to manage their blogs.

I think I'm going to go with either blosxom or wordpress, but both will require some major setup work. If I use wordpress I think I'll setup another mysql server solely for the purpose of maintaining wordpress blog databases. If I use blosxom I'll have to write a serious interface for it. either way it won't be pretty.