port alberni


It's been a pretty busy week. didn't do much at work today though. Although I did set up my machine to be dual headed (two monitors). Took about a half hour to get the config right, but it's pretty nice now. Only problem is that one of the flat panels' resolution is less than the others.

Anyway, I guess it's suppose to be pretty hot this weekend. Ariane and I are going to be in port alberni at Julies. Don't be surprised if the server crashes due to excessive heat. I've got the fan on it though, so hopefully it can stay cool

Victoria Pics

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Read Ariane's blog entry victory! i mean -ia., which says pretty much everything I would've. Although I suppose the Stickey Wicket would have been better if they had their own micro-brew. But they only had one beer that might have been local, and I'm not even sure. I think I'll have to hit some brew pubs next time.

Oh yeah, I also didn't notice her mention that we ferried through a pod of orca whales on the way back. It was really quite cool. Especially cause there was some younger ones doing jumps and whatnot.

Anyway, I've put up an album.

Sore Back

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So a few of us headed out for Tall Scott's cabin this weekend. The weather was fabulous, although that also meant we spent most of our time in the shade :-). We did a little swimming, wake boarding, tubing, drinking, and just lounging. Not being a student anymore kicks ass, I think it's right in the middle of midterms right now... ahhh.

Anyway, I went wake boarding saturday after we got there. I think it was my best performance thus far (maybe my 5th time?), I was even doing little jumps on the wake, it was sweet. However, it appears that I'm now paying for it. Sunday I was pretty sore. But hot damn! Every time I rolled over last night I woke up cause my back hurt so much. Right now I can barely even walk! Heck, just sitting in this quite comfortable chair is painful. Am I really this old!?!? I think it's time to start doing deadlifts at the gym again...