Heading East


It's starting to look like it'll be a good summer... maybe I'm just saying that since we've finally had a few nice days. Ariane and I will be heading out to NB on Saturday for a week to visit my brother and his organic farm mates. They all moved out there at the start of February to try and start an organic farm. Pretty crazy, I know! So far my schedule for the summer is looking like this:

June 10-18 - Vacationing in NB and PEI.

July 1, 2 - Scotty's B-day in Hope

July 20, 21 - Identity Open Space. The Internet Identity stuff is somewhat related to what I'd like to study in grad school so it should be an interesting event.

July 22, 23 - Camping near Kamloops (Lac le Jeune). This should be a pretty good trip, but I may need to go camping a couple more times to get my yearly fix.

July 24-28 - OSCON and potentially the Oregon Brewers Festival :-). OSCon is looking pretty good this year, covering a lot of new web technologies as well as a few sessions that cover more structured web development practices.

July 31 - Aug 3 - New Media Workshops at SFU Harbour Centre. This one will cover things like the web as a platform, how to distribute content via blogs, wikis, and podcasts, and ways to earn revenue from the internet.

Aug 4-6 - Vancouver Python Workshop also at SFU Harbour Centre.

Aug 18-20 - Saskatoon for Ariane's friends wedding reception.

Aug 25-27 - BarCamp Vancouver - I'm looking forward to this one. The name is a play on Foo Camp if you've heard of that. The basic premise is that all attendees must contribute in some form or another. It's "an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees."

Benchmark Software


Anyone know of any good benchmark software that runs on Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows? I'm putting on a demo for the SFU Open House coming up next Saturday (June 3rd). We've got some equipment donated from Dell and Apple and I'll be running benchmarks on them throughout the day to compare between Linux, OSX, and Windows. I've looked around a bit but not found anything that's good that runs on all three.

I've given up on looking for now and am writing my own in python, I just basically need something that will look flashy to the user. Maybe have some kind of "billboard" type thing projected on a screen to display the scores. If you've got any ideas for me to make it cool. Oh yeah, and you're welcome to come by the open house and check stuff out, there should be lots of give-aways throughout the uni.

My Birthday

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What better way to have a birthday. Start it off with a wicked mtn bike ride,
followed by a rib dinner and finished off with a sweet beer tasting
(better photo to come).

Trapped like Mice


Well, something actually funny to write about for once. This past Saturday a bunch of us went downtown to go to the Yaletown car show for the afternoon and to the fireworks ("celebration of light" or something like) later that evening. Those two events, however, were the least interesting of the day.

After a few drinks at Parv's place (on the 14th floor) we headed out for the fireworks. The elevator said max 9 people (or 1500 lbs), we had 10 smaller people, so what the hey. We all piled in and made our way down. Some of us figured that jumping would be fun. Apparently it was just enough increase in weight to push us over the 1500lb limit (our total weight, which we added while waiting was 1485 lbs).

Anyway, long story short, after much crazyness, trying to pry the outer door to the second floor open, having a lady on the outside tell us that we were jerks, and the repairman having to come from Burnaby (which would take him >1h), we managed to make it out in 35 minutes (I guess the elevator had a timeout and started moving again) and catch the start of the firewords. We also had to split so the people who were "helping" us (by calling us jerks), wouldn't get Parveen evicted.

Be sure to check out the stuck in the elevator album.

Oh, and if you're one of those people who thinks you can get away without checking out the album... think again! Here's a sample of the goodness you'll find:

G-Dog and Itsuki's Wedding


Last weekend was Graham and Itsuki's wedding at Lake Okanagan Resort near Kelowna. Their second one in two weeks, actually. It was a really fun time, great to see Graham again, though, I think he's mellowed down a fair bit since he first left Canada.

The resort was quite nice, though not the best place to buy food, mostly because it was still off-season. On the first day their Ariane and I, and a few other wedding goers did a tour of the Grey Monk winery followed by 18 holes of mini-golf at Scandia with about 30 other people who were also going to the wedding. It was all a pretty good time. We just chilled in our room that night (which by the way came complete with a jacuzzi in the living room, damn!).

On Sunday was the wedding, the ceremony was outside, and thankfully the rain stopped that day, and it was very nice. The reception/dinner was fun, great food, and a great speach by MacBitch. Thankfully I was recording it and will be using an identical speach next month at Bliss and Deb's wedding ;-).

Between the highway and the resort they were blasting the cliff side (apparently to get rock for the new bridge), this delayed traffic a lot as they only let cars through for 10 minutes each hour. But at around 10pm at the reception we were notified that they blew off about half the cliff face and covered the road, as well as the foremans pickup, with rock. It cut the reception short for most people unfortunately as it turned a 20 minute drive into a 2.5h drive as the only way back into Kelowna was through Vernon. Fortunately for us the rock was mostly cleared by morning and we were able to make it to brunch/present opening and Grahams parents' house.